Wednesday, November 19, 2014

$50 Stitch Fix Giveaway

Are you hooked on Stitch Fix yet? I *finally* decided to give it a try and think I'm going to be in love with my mailman even more. It's no secret I love online shopping, but this whole personal stylist thing is kind of rad too. 

I'm revealing this month's box and giving you a chance to win your own $50 gift card over on my new blog, Completely Christi. Don't worry, Ms. Fultz's Corner isn't going anywhere. I just wanted a place to share the other side of my life outside the classroom. This will be my place to blog about family, Pinterest projects, home decor, fashion, beauty, recipes, my sewing hobby, and all the other things that we juggle as women. We're more than just teachers and it's time to put ourselves back on the list!

Head on over and be sure to follow me by email or with Bloglovin' so you don't miss out on the other giveaways I have planned for you in the coming weeks. I have lots of favorite things to share! =)

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Teachers Thanking Teachers: Math Craftivity

***The freebies have ended. Thank you so much for your support! Be sure to follow my blog with BlogLovin' and on Facebook so you don't miss out on the next ones!***

Does anyone here like freebies? =) I've teamed up with a few of my upper elementary teacher friends to bring you this quick and easy blog hop of freebies to show our appreciation for YOU! Teachers work hard and sometimes the "thank you"s are just too few and far between. So today you get to relax, hop around, and collect a few freebies to help make it through the next few {crazy} weeks until winter break.

Here at Ms. Fultz's Corner you can grab one of my new math craftivities. I'm a big fan of sneaking in a little art wherever I can, so I created a series of seasonal math crafts that feel more like fun than work. Sneaky, I know. ;) Students solve math problems and then color the pieces using their solution to check their work. When they're finished, they can assemble the pieces to make their craft and illustrate the background. And there you have it-- an educational bulletin board display. Voila! 
You don't want to see my attempt to illustrate the background.

I also made them in two versions, addition/subtraction and multiplication/division for differentiation. The crafts look the same, so students don't have to know who is working on what. Love that! Just click here to grab the addition/subtraction scarecrow and here to grab the multiplication/division version. Hope your students love it and thank you for all you do!

If you love this version, be sure to check out the rest. In addition to the scarecrow, I also have a pair of pilgrims or a turkey. For winter, I have a snowman, Christmas tree, and Santa. I like to mix and match what I pass out so we end up with a variety on our bulletin board displays, and it also helps cut down on sharing answers so everyone is practicing their own skills. Shhh... ;)

I've bundled the multiplication/division set for extra savings. The addition/subtraction set will be coming soon and check back this spring for more new seasonal sets. I love them so much!

Don't forget to visit these teacher-friends for more great ideas:

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Turkey Tuesday

Hey, friends! Last year I blogged about all of my turkey ideas after Thanksgiving so I promised myself that wouldn't happen again this year. I've been staring at my to do list for 11 whole days now with "Turkey post" right at the top. The control freak in me just can't take it anymore. ha! So here is a little throwback to how we rolled turkey style the month of November.

It's no secret that I like to teach in themed units. If I can work a theme into reading, writing, language, word work, math, science, and social studies while tossing in some art as well, I am a happy teacher of a happy class. It increases buy-in for my students and their knowledge of our topic goes both deep and wide because we've spent so much time on it.

For the month of November, we are all about turkeys. Turkey poems, turkey anatomy, turkey math, turkey nutrition, turkey word work, turkey.... you get the point. ;) I bundled the majority of my stuff into my Turkey Unit for Big Kids to keep it simple.

Nonfiction turkey unit for elementary students

My favorite piece is actually a little nonfiction book I wrote for guided reading. We use it as the starting point for our unit and you can print it into mini books with multiple pages per sheet, project it, or print it off in whole-sheet size as a big book. It comes in both color and black/white options too. My students love all the little turkey "tidbits" in there.

Then I have my students show what they know by labeling a turkey with details. We're constantly working on nonfiction text features, so I love that this reinforces those skills. 
Mix science with nonfiction text features and label the parts of a turkey

But we don't just keep turkeys in our literacy instruction. I move that theme right on into math. I actually use two versions of this for differentiation; one for addition/subtraction and one for multiplication/division. It's sneaky because the crafts are the same so the students don't even realize there are two versions floating around based on their skill level. 
A turkey craftivity using math problems

Even though my poor fella doesn't have a face, I had to share these cute little bags with you too. We make them on the last day before break {you know how crazy those days can be!}. I have students write individual notes for what they are thankful for this year. I encourage them to write at least one for each family member, and then add to those if they have time. They're always so proud and ready to take their bags home to show off what's inside.

Finally, how cute are these cookies? We work on following directions with these, but then students get a yummy treat when they're finished. I don't show them the example first, so it's always fun to see how each individual cookie comes together. 
Follow directions to create a cute turkey snack

Throughout the week, we're also working on turkey themed word work. I have my students complete individual work work/spelling contracts each week, but like to mix them up with themes around the holidays. You can click here to grab your freebie

Hope that gives you a few ideas in advance this year! =) Here are even more ideas for you from my Pinterest board:
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