Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gobble Up This Turkey Unit for Big Kids Freebie!

I'm so excited to share my newest packet with you! I really love our thematic weeks in third grade. So far we've completed Johnny Appleseed, pumpkins, spiders, and monsters and are gearing up for turkeys next

I honestly can't believe Thanksgiving is in just 11 days! This year is flying. In fact, I've been so busy I never had time to get my monster unit out to you. It takes so much work to get the things I use in our class ready to share and I just ran out of time in October. BUT, I have my turkey one ready with time to spare. Go me!

I focus mostly on turkeys and the modern traditions of Thanksgiving with my students and not so much on the pilgrims/first Thanksgiving aspect of the holiday. I don't have many pictures because I wiped my Photobucket account from last year and haven't started it with my students yet this year, but the pack includes lots of reading/writing ideas and math task cards for centers or games. I'll update with pictures after this year's unit.

Some of my class favorites are the math task cards (we use them in centers with board games or as scavenger hunt/scoot games, the little turkey mini books, and the recipe for turkey cookies. Personally, I always get cute creative writing out of the tricky turkey stories we write. I also really like the "pen" of turkeys we make with our poems in the hallways. It's really too hard to pick a favorite, I guess. Anything that gets my students excited about learning works for me. =)

As always, I pulled a freebie out for you. This time it's my word work pack. It feels like it's "just for fun" but it provides practice with story writing, alliteration, vowel/consonant sorting, and making words. You can grab this freebie in my TpT Store.

I also can't talk to you about one of my units without sharing my favorite picture books with you. I put the ones we're using for the unit over in my sidebar, but I just have to mention 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving. It's the cutest story about a group of students visiting a turkey farm before Thanksgiving (uh-oh). They're heartbroken to find out what will happen to the turkeys so they come up with a pretty cute solution. Not only is it a "just for fun" read, but it also works with problem/solution story structures and creative writing. Love it!

If you're interested in the whole unit, you can grab it in my store too.

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