Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's a Blog Hop!

Hello!  This is Hilary Gard here from Second Grade is Out of this World guest blogging today.  This is the first time that I have ever done this, I am a little nervous honestly!  It's almost like stage fright..will I remember my lines, will everyone like the performance, will I trip on my costume and fall flat on my face???  The only way to find out is to go out there and break a leg!  Or whatever one would say in the blogging world! ;)

This is the mess that I left on my  desk after working in my room all morning on a Christmas break day.  (Pathetic I know)   I left these things out on purpose to make sure that I found proper places for all of this stuff!  Scary isn't it?

So, after being frightened by my desk (I think that my desk is under there somewhere!) I thought that I would share my current project.. trying to get organized. It's the new year right?  That's what people do, get organized right?  I am much more organized at school than I am at home. Organization has never been my strong point, so I am always looking for a way that works for me.  I think that I may have found it! (Keep reading... it's coming...)

I have always been a binder person (I am totally obsessed with my binders).  Right now I have them organized by month.  But, the only things that I was putting into them were themed things for the holiday in that month.  They were organized by Reading Activities, Writing Activities, Math Activities, etc.    Then, I saw a Pin on Pinterest (another obsession) from a teacher who does her organizing in binders, but she does it weekly.  I thought about it a bit and I love the idea!  I went back to find the pin and I couldn't find it.  I will keep looking though (I guess my next project should be organizing my pinboards).  
Freebie Binder Spines!
Example of  my plans.

So, now I am putting in my lesson plans for the week (I plan to go back and add all the standards etc. later), plus any paperwork that I will need to teach those lessons.  I make my own lesson plan pages in Publisher and print them each month. I figure I have to look at them all the time, they need to be cute and colorful!  (I love D.J. Inkers!)  Everything in one place instead of having to look in 10 different binders!  It's going back to the beginning of the year that is going to be the hard part, but I know I can do it! November is missing because it is on my desk.  That is one I plan to organize next!  What would a good blog hop be without a freebie?  Click on the caption to get my binder spines.  Just cut them out and they fit in 2" binders!  Enjoy.  (They are made with adorable alphabets from Lettering Delights).  

Thanks to Hilary for sharing her ideas over here today. =) You can keep on hopping along to read *my* guest post over at Ladybug's Lounge.
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  1. Great organizational tips:) I am still in file folders and debating the switch to binders!

    Heading over to check out Christy's post now. Loving this blog hop!

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. I love organization tips! Seems we teachers are always trying to organize and streamline to make things run better. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Thanks for the organizational tips! It's definitely a goal for the new year! Right now, I'm grateful for all of the cabinets in my classroom to hide my mess, lol! Thanks, again! Great guest post! =)

    A+ Firsties

  4. Huge fan of binders...and have been for years. This year, after finding a pin on Pinterest, I am putting my plans and activities in binders based on 9 weeks. Like you, it is much easier to have everything in one place compared to pulling several binders when planning. Since I changed grade levels this year it has been a bit easier. So far it has worked well...we'll see how it goes next year when I pull the binder and plan. I'm hoping for good things!


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