Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Math Finds: Prep those centers quickly!

It seems like providing my students with fresh, new, engaging math centers is a never ending process. Don't get me wrong I won't ever go back to worksheets and textbooks alone, but sometimes I miss how easy they are to prep. ;) I love finding quick, easy-prep activities for math when I'm blog stalking so I wanted to share some of the things I've been using with you. I honestly think having a mix of the games/sorts and more traditional print-and-go activities is important for keeping me sane. Getting centers ready each week will work you to death if you aren't careful.

My Math Animal Fact Sheets: Cute print-and-go coloring pages for fast-finishers, homework practice, and no-prep centers. They come in addition/subtraction and multiplication versions.

Teaching 4 Real's Warming Up With Problem Solving: My students have a hard time with multistep problems so this set was perfect. The little cups of cocoa are super cute and inviting too. I love all the options here.

Pam DAlessandro's Math Puzzles for Common Core: I like using math puzzles in the form of magic squares because they're self-checking. The fonts on this one are super cute and inviting too. That's important to me because it makes them feel less like the traditional worksheets.

Tessa McGuire's Common Core Math Warm-Ups: These set has 40 quick-print worksheets to review 5 common core skills. They're challenging enough for my students and great for spiral review. I can also shrink down and print 2 to a page for homework practice as needed.

Shelly Sitz's Daily Math Warm Ups Third Trimester: This set of review sheets is designed for second grade, but it's perfect for some of my remedial math third graders. The pages are clean and simple, but packed with content. Love that!
I hope these finds have helped you. I'll work on gathering some of my favorite math centers for you too. Until then, don't forget about my bloggy birthday giveaway!
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  1. Thanks for sharing your finds! How i wish my teachers had used a more student-centered approach. I hated math because all we EVER saw were worksheets and textbooks!! I didn't realize how much fun math could be until I reached my teaching practicum!!


    The Learning Metamorphosis

    1. This is so true! Math had always been my least favorite too, but now that we're doing hands-on centers and games it's a fun part of the day. :)

  2. I love your bloggy birthday cake! So cute. I absolutely agree on having a variety of activities for kiddos to use in maths AND literacy centers, I think is so important that they not only have those hands on moments but then show their understanding using a written or recording process. Thanks for sharing your faves!

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  3. Thanks so much for including my Math Puzzles! I am going to put them on sale this week since it is your BIRTHDAY! Have a happy, happy day. Love that birthday cake! Pam

  4. Hi Christi! Thank you sooo much for sharing all of the resources you use in your math centers! Math has been such a struggle for me this year with my resource students.. they are in 4th grade, most are below grade level in math.. but some are wayyy below level, so I'm constantly looking for ways to differentiate! I started doing centers so I could differentiate more effectively. These all seem really great! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

  5. Hi Christi! Great ideas! Thank you so much. I really am struggling with making my math time more beneficial for all of my students. There just doesn't seem like enough time in the day to plan and deliver!! I will pin this post and go back to it when I have time to really get my math time in order.

    Surfin' Through Second


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