Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pinterest Add On and Valentine Freebie Hop!

You know I love me some Pinterest {you're following me, right?}. I just discovered a new right-click "pin it" button that works for all websites so I had to share it. I like this alternative for a couple reasons. First, it doesn't rely on the site I'm visiting to have a pin-it button in place already. Second, it's so much faster than using the bookmark or toolbar pin-it button because you can right-click directly on the image you want. Third, it feeds my Pinterest addiction. ;) 

It's really easy to install as a Firefox add-on (you aren't still using IE, are you?). You can click here to grab it for yourself, totally free. You can find other great techy finds at Techy Tuesday so be sure to check them out!

In other news, I'm participating in a 14 Days for the Love of Teaching Freebie Blog Hop!  

We're hoping to show all of our fabulous teacher friends some love by showering you with fun Valentine Freebies. The blog hop kicks off with Samantha at Ms. Smarty Pants on February 1st. Don't miss out!

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  1. Thank you for the tip! I love using Firefox and have been using it for years. IE just doesn't work as well, and I love all of the fun add-ons.

    Reading Toward the Stars


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