Sunday, June 9, 2013

Some Things I'm Loving...

Forgive me because today's post is going to be a little all over the place. BUT, I wanted to share some of my new finds with you. I love summer break because it gives me time to catch up on blog stalking!

First up, ME!
I mean, come on! How cute is that? I love that it has my girls on there too-- Lily, Gracie, and Izzy. I think my husband felt a little left out after the fact. Oops. =) It was done by the fabulous Crystal over at The Library Fox. She did a little me and I did a little work on her blog. Check out her new background and buttons. Win-win!

Second up, math resources! I've been honest about math not being my favorite subject to teach, although it has grown on me as I've been doing more guided math and centers. Well... I'm sure you all know about Greg Tang's math books, right? If I have to pick a favorite, it's Math Potatoes. Love that one!

Guess what?! He has a website now full of FREE resources. Yup, free friends. I like the eBooks the best, but the games are fun too. I'm just a sucker for those books. I'm sad that I have to wait all summer to try them, but I am NOT sad that it's summer. haha.

Third, I've been working on items for {gasp!} back to school. I just can't help it. I love summer so much, and yet I'm always thinking about what I can do to make next year better, more organized, more fun, more... everything! I decided it was time to give my calendar a little makeover. Then I couldn't decide what theme to go with and made a bunch. haha. This one's my favorite.

I'm also working on reorganizing my teacher stuff. I love me some binders! But, I'm going to have a student teacher next year so I know I need to get things a little more streamlined. Plus, I have so much more clipart and digital paper now than when I first made it so I know it could be way cuter. And cuteness counts, right? 

I told you this post was going to be all over. =) There are some fun things happening this week (giveaways and such, yay!) and I'll keep you in the loop on my Facebook page so be sure you've liked me. I'm also burning up Pinterest with all this extra time to stalk and plan.

Have a great week, teacher friends!

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  1. Thank you so much for the great tip about Greg Tang. I just checked the website out and was amazed at all the resources. Definitely can't wait to start using these!


  2. Thanks for the list of math books. I am always looking for good ones. I will check out that website too. So much to do over summer break :)

    Curious Firsties

  3. I just pinned that site for future reference. Thanks!
    I love you and the dogs, too. Such fun!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  4. I'm soooo glad you like your mini-me! :-) Your dogs were a lot of fun. I love 4-legged friends!

  5. I love those books! Thanks for the information on the new FREE website!!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  6. Enjoy your summer! I will definitely check out that web site.


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