Wednesday, January 8, 2014

EAI Education Math Game and Coupon Code

Friends, I am e-x-c-i-t-e-d to be writing this post today! One of the super fun perks to being a blogger is getting awesome swag to review, and I have quite a few lined up for you this month. I always ask if I can get a little perk for you too so make sure you read all the way down to the coupon code. =)

This massive box came in right before winter break. First, let me put this in context for you... Third grade puts on the Christmas show so that week is CRAZY busy with practices. Sometimes they take the dancers, sometimes they take the speakers, sometimes they take the soloists, sometimes they take everyone... it's like a revolving door of kids in and out for practice all week long. PLUS, we don't get our regular daily specials since the special area teachers are in charge of practice. It can make for long, stressful days when the kiddos are off their routine. Therefore, we're always looking for fun ways to review and new things we can do without our entire class present. Games like this are perfect!

It comes all nice and shrink-wrapped so there's some assembly required, but not printing or cutting. Nice!

I tore right into it! You get 7 decks of cards with 36 cards in each deck. I picked the 3-4 bundle since I teach the highest level math class. It has multiplication, division, elapsed time, place value, fractions/decimals, geometry, and (my favorite) mixed review.

I quickly had things sorted and filed away neatly. Love! There are answer keys too so you can follow along and help if someone gets stuck along the way.

I love the quality of the cards. They're thick and glossy so they should hold up well to lots of use. They come with blanks too in case a card goes missing (not that any of our sweeties would ever lose one).

The best part? My students enjoyed playing! I gave each student 2-3 cards so they had to keep listening even after their first turn {sneaky!}. I also timed them, reshuffled, and then timed them again to encourage quick responses. We'll definitely use this set many times this year as we grow into the harder concepts. 

There are many other sets to choose from. If you want to grab your own, use coupon code MFCFS2014 for free shipping on orders over $30 (normal exclusions like furniture and rugs apply).

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  1. just ordered my set. I have been looking' at these for a while.

  2. I have a set of these for Kindergarten. My kids LOVE them!

  3. I love these! I have the 3-4th and the 5-6th math sets. Since I have small classes, usually around 8 at a time, I give my students a few cards to be responsible for rather than one each. That way they are engaged a little longer.


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