Monday, July 7, 2014

Blast Off! Mission to Space for Big Kids

Okay, my friends. I did it. I actually finished another Big Kid Unit and have it loaded in my store. For those of you who create these things {and probably even those of you who don't}, it's kind of like giving birth. 

When I start a project like this, I have a million ideas that go through my head. Before I start a new unit for you, I've already been using tons of the ideas in our classroom. BUT getting them "polished" for TpT and then adding all the options... somebody save me! It's like going down the rabbit hole.

I think this one sets the record for longest project ever too. I started it in May. Eek! Talk about the lazy days of summer... haha! So, anyway, here it is!

I do an integrated space unit where students research a planet of their choice, but we go all out. I hang the planets from our ceiling, students apply for a mission to space, create crew patches with their flight crew, blast off to gather data, and then come back to debrief their classmates through reading, writing, math, and art activities. It's a lot of fun!

I put this packet together so you can do the same with your students. It comes packed with everything I use. The heart of the project really is the printable books. Similar to my penguin unit, it has completed books with the facts as well as blank books for students to do their own research. This is great for differentiation!

You can also print out the entire book {I like to do multiple pages per sheet to save my copy count} for each student so they have a reference book right at their finger tips. Or, you can give students only the page with their own planet. All of them come in both black/white and color.

Then I have a bunch of other options (over 100 pages). From task cards, to creative writing, to informational writing, to math and art. You're covered for your whole theme. I like to keep things print and go easy around here!

Soo... I hope you like it! It's available here in my shop. And I hope it inspires a little creativity in your space unit too. No telling how long it will be until the next Big Kid Unit comes around at this rate. ;)

I also bundled some of my existing Big Kid Units. I sort of dig one stop shopping.

Try not to think about back to school too much right now though... Enjoy the rest of your summer, friends!
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  1. This is wonderful!! I love that there is so much about space coming out right now. My class is about to head into an exploration of outer space in a couple of weeks! So this has just made my wishlist. Thanks so much!!

    Learning to be awesome

    1. I'm so glad it was perfect timing! :)


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